How to choose a kindergarten bag for a 3 year old child?

When the child is three years old and wants to go to kindergarten, the parents should prepare a small school bag for the child. It is not only used to store items brought to kindergarten, but also an



important sense of ritual. Let the children understand that they have grown up and face the world outside. A good school bag can also calm your child's uneasy heart in a strange environment.

How to choose the right school bag?

In the choice of children's school bags are all in the wrong zone, some parents like to let children carry large school bags, because of the large space, you can put a lot of things (clothes, water bo

ttles, etc.), overweight school bags affect children's development. Some parents give the child a special shape, but the ventilation is very bad, the child can not sweat out, it is easy to catch a col

d. Here we suggest that parents should pay attention to the following points when choosing a schoolbag for their baby:

1. The shoulder strap of the bag should be wide.



Don't buy a bag with a very thin strap. The child will feel heavy on his back, the bag should be wide, and the place where the hand is handed is also hard and wide. The shoulder width is wide, which h

elps to reduce the pressure on the shoulders of the bag and can evenly distribute the weight of the bag. The padded shoulder strap can reduce the strain on the trapezius muscle of the bag. Young, the trapezius muscle will be more susceptible to fatigue.2. Space is not the primary choice.

Kindergarten schoolbag space is not the key consideration, the most important thing is to be light, otherwise it will easily damage the child's spine, and the heavy one will be deformed. Kindergarten

schoolbags only need to put some clothes, and others do not need to put them. Here also remind parents, many parents like to help children with school bags, I suggest not to do so. I must let him carr


y a schoolbag to school, because once the back of the bag is equal to telling the child, to go back to school to study hard, this is to be cultivated from an early age. Just as we go to work with the equipment to go to work.


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